10 Things I Love About My Best Friend

Happy Birthday to my best friend, Hannah! She is one of the greatest friends I know and on her birthday, I am making a list, in random order, of “10 Things I Love About My Best Friend”.

10. I love how you always make it a point to call and greet me on my birthdays, holidays and sometimes, even on ordinary days. Given the time difference between Singapore and Boston, it is kind of funny that you always open your long distance call with “Did I wake you up?” Honestly, I don’t mind for it is always great to hear from you. I, on the other hand, feel bad for not calling you so often. Today though was an exception. I tried to call you and was pretty excited to hear from you but my call wasn’t answered. :( I wonder if you went to bed early or still out partying with your friends celebrating your birthday. I hope it’s the latter but then I remember just how you love to sleep and had to forego many night outs or activities because you want to sleep. Totally opposite of me, right?

9. I love how you like to sing and know the lyrics too. I, on the other hand, can’t sing a tune or memorize even just one! Though at least, we can both dance! I miss going dancing with you. We can stay on the dance floor forever, right? Party on! :D

8. I love how you love my family and they adore you as well! Even they know that we could have been “fraternal twins”! My 84 year old grandmother still asks about you every time I visit home. My hubby thinks that you are now his best friend and in fact, he was so proud that on your birthday, he was ahead of me in texting you a birthday greeting.

7. I love your courage to make changes….in your hairstyle! Hahaha…I know that we used to be twins too when it comes to our long and straight black hair but I admire your bravery to cut it short and even have some bangs too! To be honest, you look great and I think you even look more Singaporean, Chinese or Korean than Filipino, more of a local now! :D

6. I love how you are able to keep most things in private. I mean, we are best friends and our mutual friends assumed that I know the latest news about you. When they asked me about your whereabouts, I had to tell them that I know nothing more than what they already know. That’s why I missed having us near each other because I know how private you can be when it comes to your activities and unlike me, you hardly post them on Facebook. Though I know that when we talk, you share with me your latest news and plans. So maybe, I should call you more often to get the scoop since you hardly go online, where I’m always at? :) Oh, I heard you’re going to Dubai soon? True?

5. I love how you are so easy to get along and how people just like you back easily. For example, you are my only friend that I had introduced to my many set of friends, whether from childhood, at work or even from the internet, yet, you have became friends with almost all of them too. You were never threatened of my other friends and you are confident of our relationship as friends. You let me spread my wings of friendship but you know that I will always have you as my twin friend.

4. I love how you were there when I was at my utmost lows and how you guided, counseled and consoled me on those times. Until now, I still wish you were able to share with me one of my joyous moments, my wedding, where I really wished you were around to be my maid of honor. Maybe, I can be your matron of honor at yours someday? I know you hate it when I tease you about these things. :D

3. I love how you were being such a great accomplice when I planned great surprises or just plain silly games. You keep secrets, esp. my secrets and you’re keeping quite a few of them. *Sshhhhh* :D

2. I love how you were present in so many of my memories, whether happy and sad, bad or good. You were there and you were a big part of me. You know me too well. So I wish that may in the future, we get to spend more time and create more memories together, especially good ones. Let it be when we retire and go back home together, or travel and meet somewhere to see the beautiful places in this world together. It sounds so exciting, don’t you think?

1. I love most of all the comforting thought between us, that even if we are miles away from each other, only see once in a while and have made friends at our new environment, I can still call you as my best-twin-friend! <3

There, the 10 Things That I Love About my BEST Friend Hannah! There’s still more but I’ll reserve them for later. :) Again, Happy Birthday Pasing!


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